Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Vendor of the Month

When I was a kid, which was a very long time ago, I remember my Grandma and my Aunty regularly making cookies, fudge and other goodies in our kitchen. With fresh baked bread set out to cool on the counter and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, the house would be filled with those sweet aromas, and not one child was left behind. We were the best behaved children on the planet; all of us gathered in the kitchen sitting cross legged on the floor, waiting impatiently to get a shot at licking the mixing bowl, spoon and mixer blades. We had to be perfect children so Grandma would turn off the mixer BEFORE we licked the blades. After the bread had cooled enough, we would get a warm slice of bread spread thick with butter, then chocolate chip cookies with milk...it was heaven!

ALL KINE STUFF FOR SALE is what the sign says at Gerry's booth.

Stepping into Gerry's booth is kinda like stepping back into Grandma's house. He has three booths packed with vintage Aloha clothing, quality kitchenware, diverse collectibles, LP records, a great selection of art, and who knows what else he'll show up with on Sundays. It's like walking into a contemporary museum, but everything is for sale! Over the years I have seen folks packed in his booths looking for that special treasure....and never knowing what they would find, and many folks just drop by week after week for a visit and to talk story with a very funny man.

Gerry has been with the Maku'u Farmer's Market for over 10 years and he is a lifelong believer in the concept of re-use and in the concept of thrift, quality, form and function. Once described by a friend as a "redistributionist", he has embraced the word and concept as his own. "The many years as a vendor at Maku'u Market has been one of the great gifts in my life. Over the course of time, many sweet relationships with dedicated, every week customers have developed and flourished". Every week Gerry creates a sense of freshness, theater, attractive product displays, good value, fun and the feeling of "community"..He is often heard saying "retail is so over-rated". Gerry's ALL KINE STUFF booth is a must go to for almost anything before you hit that retail venue.
 And the beat goes on.

One more thing: Occasionally Gerry will have a great vintage mixer for sale, but when you buy it, he will make you promise to turn it off before letting your Keiki lick the blades.

J. Osprey   

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