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Writing the posts for Vendor of the Month is the most enjoyable part of the ongoing creation of the Maku'u Farmer's Market website. Every month the stories have become even more interesting and this month we feature an artist that stands among the best that Hawaii has to offer. The March Vendor of the Month selection is: Margaret Lynch of the Paradise Raku Fine Art Studio.


Raku is an ancient Japanese method of clay shaping, glazing and firing, which originated in the 16th. century. Originally, the only shape used for Raku was the tea bowl. During the firing process, the objects are removed from the kiln molten hot and then placed into a reduction nest to cool and obtain its unique smoky black clay body color and glaze crackles or flashes of metallic colors and patterns from from the nest material and glaze ingredients.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Margaret made her journey to Alaska in 1973 to become a fisherman and in the off-seasons she would vacation on Maui and return to Alaska for the fishing season. In 1989 she decided to make the Islands her home...first Oahu, then Maui and now Margaret makes the Big Island her home.


Margaret wanted to work with clay since high school after taking a pottery class, but it wasn't until many years later, while living on Oahu, that she was invited to visit the Fort Shafter Craft Center where they were doing a Raku workshop. She said that the clay studio made her feel like she belonged, and she was invited back for the workshop the following month. She bought a bag of clay and her journey began. Over the next four years, Margaret worked out of the Craft Center, starting out as a volunteer, and within a year she was teaching the Raku workshop, became the group leader for the Raku Ho'olaule'a for two consecutive years, taught a hand building class on Saturdays and during her last year at the Center, Margaret was asked to manage the Ceramic Studio in charge of the volunteers at the Craft Center.

Red Horse

Margaret has had many milestones and major accomplishments with her art since starting her journey back on Oahu, and today, in her Paradise Park Studio, she creates works through inspirations that come from the oceans and wild natural beauty of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, to her paradise experience of the Hawaiian Islands, embracing  the cultures, the land and endangered species.

Margaret is an active vendor at the Maku'u Farmer's Market, a founding member of the Paradise Studio Tour, held every year in Paradise Park and she is currently showing her art at many venues around the Big Island. At her next local event she will be displaying her work at the Volcano Art Center Show titled: "From the Earth", opening June 23rd. and running until July 30th.  The show will feature artists Margaret Lynch, Patti Pease Johnson and Karen Hagen. You can visit the Paradise Raku Studio and the Volcano Arts Center through the links below.

J. Osprey

Paradise Raku Studio

Volcano Art Center


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